Keshia Gamola, owner

In 2019 I graduated from the international face painting school.

Hello! I am Keshia. I started Kreativemum back in 2016 to share my creativity and support my family. I have two children and we love art at our house! I am so humbled by what Kreativemum has grown into and the support we have from our community. I love being creative and being able to share that passion with the young and the young at heart every day. I strive to be the best in what I do every day and never stop learning and growing. When I am not doing art, I can usually be found at a campground or a ball diamond. Thank you for visiting our website today, please keep reading to meet my AMAZING staff! I am so thankful for them, they really do add so much value to Kreativemum.

Amber, artist

Wife, mom, wrangler of tiny humans, and lover of all things “Kreative ~ Meet Amanda!

Amanda has been a part of the KreativeMum team since 2018. She has enjoyed every experience from birthday parties to public events, to the Hulk Rush Road trip, Rush home games and the Rattler basketball games. During the day she is a daycare provider and turns on her “kreative” side come the weekend with becoming an amazing face painter! She also enjoys her roll with coaching her two sons in little league baseball twice a week. Amanda has a eye for detail and a “kreative flair” with an outstanding passion for children, that allows her to fit it so perfectly with the KreativeMum team!


Hello! My name is Kiya Kincade and I have been working for KreativeMum since 2019! I first started when Keshia saw me paint her son’s face at a summer camp I was working at and hired me on the spot. I enjoy face painting because it allows me to be creative and paint. I love to draw and have drawn most of my tattoos so being able to express my creativity while working is the best. Working for a small Saskatoon business is great because all of us are friends and are willing to help each other out when needed. When I am not painting faces, I am either working my two other jobs (Teaching dance or waitressing) or I am at the University of Saskatchewan getting my undergrad degree in Marketing. I often find myself at the lake during summers surfing or on a mountain during winters snowboarding with my friends. I am a very active, creative person and that is why I like working for KreativeMum. 



Hi! I’m Amanda! I have been a part of the KM team since 2017! I  live my  life to see kids smile. My favorite things to paint are tigers, skulls and zombies, and you will frequently catch me at any sporting event ready to help you show your team spirit! When not Face painting Amanda is a mom with two boys and runs a Daycare. She also runs her own company Scherr Crochet!


Aimee, artist

I am a 37 year old mother of four, who loves doing crafts and hands-on activities with my children. We are always trying to use our imaginations and think outside the box. I was a hairdresser before I had my children, where hair was my canvas.

I am always looking for ways to express my creativity and face painting is always a highlight at any function we go to! Being in such high demand of children, I am so excited I get to be apart of the team.


Hello! My name is Zoe and I am a face-painter for Kreativemum. I have been face-painting for over a year, and I absolutely love it. I’ve always been interested in painting, but before this, it was mainly just sketchbooks and canvas’ so when the opportunity arose for a job in face-painting, I jumped at the challenge. Interacting with kids and adults in this way and seeing their smiles light up the room is so great to see! 

Leanne, artist

Hi I’m Leanne! I have been working for Kreative mum for a little over 6 years! I’ve always had a passion for painting typically on paper and canvas with different mediums so when Keshia offered me to get on board with her team of creative face painters, I was ecstatic! Learning to paint on faces was definitely a different experience but thanks to Keshia, her knowledge, skills, and patience truly helped build my confidence. Fast forward to this day, I still love to challenge myself to get better and learning new techniques still makes the job so enjoyable especially when I get to bring joy and smiles to kids and adult’s faces!


Information about the quality of supplies we use

We pride ourselves on using a wide range of face painting, glitter tattoo and airbrush tattoo supplies from the finest name brands in the industry. We use FDA & EU compliant, professional and vegan friendly face and body painting supplies, continually learn advanced face and body painting techniques and new designs. We adhere to the highest standards of hygiene.

We are ready to provide the professional services at a reasonable price for any events such as: birthday parties, grand opening. shopping center promotions, festival, school carnivals, corporate events etc. Our artists provide all artistic supplies, professional aprons, a display of designs, and aftercare instructions. If requested we can bring tables, chairs, signs, and tents to our bookings at a discounted rate. If you have any questions, please contact the office.